Friday, June 17, 2011

Right Decision!

As I mention earlier my ex found a new job as a driver and I thought everything will be going well.

I'm wrong,he called me asked for help again.
He said he guarantor his friend to borrow money from loan shark.

His friend had run away and the people find him ask him to settle the loan,I told him to ask help from his family and he said his brother told him not to go to his place anymore.

There is no way so he called me to help.
I told him sorry I can't help you then I hung up the phone.
Oh,he keep calling me I didn't answer.

On my hubby's birthday he called Ken and asked Ken pass the phone to me,he begged me to help him and I don't want him to bother me again so I said ok but this is the last time.

After few weeks he called again,asked me if I call your sis do you think she will help me?
I answer you try it yourself.

He told me that if he can't settle the debt he had to go again{run away} and CNY is coming if he go now he can't get the bonus about 2k.

So he did called my sis,then my sis called me asked me want to help or not.
She said if you said yes and I'll help him so I answer Yes .

Then my sis asked her friend to help him.
We all had dicuss how to help him out.
Then friend of my sis asked my ex to called the loan shark to talked about how to pay them back.

My sis friend said to them let us fix a day and serious discuss but now,he had to pay few hundreds 1st.

We said he don't have that much,we give you 1 hundred first,they accept.
He told me even 50 dollars he also don't have what to do...I lend it to him lor.

The next day called again he had to pay another one Rm150,I argue with him asked him how many loan shark you owned?

He said this one only small amount,again I lend it because we and my sis friend had a deal with the 1st loan shark will sit and discuss how to pay them back the debt.

HAHA,after a week he called again request Rm200.
I am so fed up because it over my bottom line already.
I told him"NO"I've told you that I had financial problem too then I hung up.

Again he keep calling and calling I didn't received it.
Meeting up with the 1st loan shark date is near.

One day I received a call the hp no I didn't know,is was him he bought a new prepaid card.
He told me that he has run away already,I am so mad at him.

If I am the only one who involve is ok cause is just me.
Now is because of me then only my sis ask help from her friend.

I don't know how to tell my sis but still have to let her know and my sis don't know how to tell her friend.

After few weeks he called me I didn't receive it and he sms me I didn't reply till now.

I told myself this is the end have to put a full stop now.

Stupid or Soft Heart

I have thinking quite a long time should I blog this {kind of personal matters }

I can't stand it anymore have to let {write} it out,if not I think I'll be crazy someday.
Cyndi knows about this,she said I'm stupid.

Some of you gals had read about:
"They want him {Ken} back for a reason"

And this is a part of it about my ex.
When he ran away he get to know a Thailand {wah kiu}
girl, got married and give birth a girl.At that time,he called me ask for my help cause he had not enough money to pay for deliver fees and medical fees when his wife in labour.
So I lend him some money.

Every year of CNY he came back to visit his mom.
1st two years is okay{financial}.
At that time his living was fine,he doing a small business selling mix vege rice {chap fhan} in Thailand.

Past few year things change every time CNY he came back he will asked for my help said that not enough money to give his mom and never buy new clothes this and that.
HA,I help him again not much few hundreds.

And one day he called me and said business no good hard for living.
He want to try his luck here again in KL.

So he came back to find a job.
His mother ask him why he came back.
He told his mom that I will operate a coffee shop and I request him to help me.

His brother won't let him stay at his place.
He had no work at that time so I help him again.

To work at air-cond shop,take some advance to rent a place to stay,
Well some problem arise between him and my sis so he quit and find a new job as a driver.

He told me about his new job is very good.
Have a place to stay no need to pay for the rent anymore so he can save much more money.

Then I said good is nice to hear that. Hope that he can really save some money & pay some money back to me.

Ok,this part is finish, am I stupid or soft heart?

Just say what you want to, no need to "hak hey"if you want to shoot just shoot ok,hahaha.

Friday, July 24, 2009

20th June 2009 The Day I Received So Many Flowers In My Life

Flowers flowers I received so many flowers in my life on 20th June.

Just received but not mine hehe, it was Raymond share company Official Opening Day its belong to the company HLO.Busy that day no time to snap picture just the flowers cause its arrived before the guests.This is the 1st time I hope there will have a 2nd time.If there is a 2nd time that mean he will have a branch,so greedy leh,hahaha.Which flowers stands & flowers baskets more beautiful & you like?

Monday, July 6, 2009

Random 25

Rules: Once you've been tagged, you are supposed to write a note with 25 random things, facts, habits, or goals about you. At the end, choose 25 people to be tagged. You have to tag the person who tagged you. If I tagged you, it's because I want to know more about you.

1. wish to set up a charity,I know is not easy.Trying to help others like sponsor a child.

2. wish family members & friends get along well,most important is they are healthy.

3. I felt blessed that I married to Raymond but the other side I felt Sorry for him.

4. welcome anyone share their suggestion in my family matters but don't get over the yellow line or my bottom line,it's gave me pressure....I know what shall I do & what I'm doing.

5. I can stayed at home a month without going out & stayed in my room without going down stair.

6. nail biter & finger skin peeler

7. lifestyle still unstable,night is day time morning is night.

8. nescafe is my daily drink can't miss it.

9. sensitive,curious & most of the time negative thinking cause I don't want to disappointed anymore.

10. this minute I'm in good mood 2nd minute maybe change already.

11. sometimes talkative sometime just don't want to talk no even a words.

12. I hate dirty make sure everything clean {kit pick} I even fold the table cloth nicely my friend can't stand me but now dunno why I've change a bit lazy.

13. I like to do house chores in midnight or nobody at home.

14. I don't like to talk when I wake up,of course if important that's different.

15. emotional unstable,suddenly break down and cry.

16. soft heart is good in certain things is a weak point,everyone who close to me said so.

17. don't fool around with me in serious thing...again & again repeated and make me very very very mad & angry,maybe I will beat & fight with you.

18. I'm trying my best to be a good daughter,wife,mom,sister & friends.

19. wish Raymond hits the Caribbean Stud jackpot in Genting,then We can buy a house {my dream house}

20. on & off sometime had crazy thinking I die first before Ray cause he is the banker in family,I'm low educate don't know what can I do. 2nd thought if I go 1st who take care Nicholas he still small.

21. I like music most prefer sentimental music & I like to watch movie,I liked "I Have A Date With Spring"
watched so many times can't recall how many time.

22. hope I know how to drive soon,passed 2 years I've wasted some money & time learned how to drive.

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Finally I had A Girl

Waiting more than 2 months,wait until flowers also dry"dang dou far yar jeh liew" and neck also long already.

Don't let the tittle tricks you...hahaha. It's is about the World Vision I had sponsor a child and is a girl from China. Here the sponsor kit....

Here you go....

Close up...

Her name is Wu Yan Tang, 13 years old.

Friday, April 17, 2009

MayBe Another Change In My Life!

Why maybe cause I still haven't decide yet.
As I mention at my previous blog that my hubby will set up a business with friends.
Maybe I'll don't do it, as you all knew I'm low educated some more husband & wife work together perhaps will have some argument.

I'm afraid that I can't handle it.
All of them said I can learn to work and that's my hubby business no need to be scare lah if I did something wrong people also don't know mah.
Your hubby's business mah scare what?
Yes yes yes my hubby's business....don't forget is not all his there is 3 more partners.
Okay,let say my hubby is the only boss, I feel more scare & worry.

I'm the kind of business is business office hour, personal things put it aside....ya say very easy but I dunno whether I can do it or not.
When I'm a SAHM we had a agreement,when he step inside the home business must left behind.
I'm a plain paper in this job know nothing about it,yeah hubby say he will show me how it's works.
Starting got pressure now excample if I work with other people much better if they fired me or scold me I'll fight back maybe.
Now is different my boss is my hubby & 3 friends,I wish to do the best and really can help him,I dun want to make any trouble or mistake.
I dun want both of us have hard feeling at work and then bring it back to home.

Aiya,this woman {me} so troublesome like that no need to work lah right?
Yeah, I know and why still had to decide?
1st enconomy & wish to buy a house

2nd I want my mom stop working come & stay with me,if she still want to work she can have a part time cleaning job at our office 1week 2 or 3 days, so every month I can give her more money...... cleaning service "not include"cleaning service we will give her salary.

3rd hope I can have a normal life style.

Monday, April 6, 2009

How I Celebrate The Anniversary Part 2 The End?

First I have to say I'm so so sorry it take so long for this,cause I can't login at all the past few days.

Here is the Part 2 of How I Celebrated Anniversary?

I asked him what is the date today? He answer 28th March gave him a 2nd hint.
I believed he had forgot, of course I'm mad the I went down to make a nescafe.
It's took only 5mins when I went back to the room he SLEEP already.

I'm mad + angry....I can't do anything cause he has to work tomorrow.
And I gave a reason to him "maybe he knew already" cause I had asked him about the date
still had hope "late nvm at least or hope he remember what happening, when to get the surprise also ok,better than nothing { chi dou hou kor mou dou }

On 29th March,I still waited until night.
Same when Nicholas sleep, I already "tak boleh tahan lor".
I'm not mad & angry at all, I asked him to take a look at the document on dressing table.
He read and then he said "nothing wrong with it" so I took it and find it for him then I said please read here.
He looked at where I showed him.

HA! this is the surprised I had in my life really unforgettable one.
After looking at the register document he said "yeah 28th March"nothing wrong but it's past already.
What a BIG SURPRISED I had...then I stare at him & he looked at it again.
Wa la...he jumped off the bed and walk here & there { jor tan yau tan} like the Japan's president.

I asked him what are you doing?
He answer me I'm thinking.
What are you thinking?
He answer "gum chi tai wok lor" what should I do how come I forgot wan?
These few words made me laugh.
The End!

I told this story to my sis & Irene,both of them laughed & laughed when I said he answered "gum chi tai wok lor" these few words is my surprised....hahaha.